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Conservatorship and Guardians


In a conservatorship, a person (the conservator) is appointed by the court to have control of the property (or estate) of another person who is unable to manage their finances, health or assets.  In California, the conservatorship is established through a court proceeding. In a guardianship, a person (the guardian) is appointed by the court to have control over the person of the ward. A conservatorship deals with the person’s financial decisions.

Selling real estate in a conservatorship is a delicate process. Our real estate professionals are skilled in working with the many parties associated in a conservatorship sale and reducing the stress for everyone involved. The decision to sell property in a conservatorship must be approved by the Probate Court. Our goal is to simplify the process and make it understandable, manage the deadlines, minimize the liabilities and sell the real property for the highest price possible.

For a consultation regarding real property in a conservatorship, please contact the real estate advisors of National Trust and Probate at 805-750-6577 or 818-606-7515.

National Trust and Probate

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