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Information for Trustees


The sale of properties held in trust require specialized knowledge of documents, specific disclosures, risk management and a unique marketing strategy. It has become a common trend to hold properties in trust to avoid probate proceedings since probate can be a lengthy and costly process. 

There are dedicated forms required for a trust sale that are not required in a traditional sale. For example, a form must be executed to demonstrate that a trustee has the authority to sign a purchase contract and other disclosures on behalf of the trust.


Conversely, there are forms that may not be required if the individual signing on behalf on the trust is a successor trustee and not the person who initially created the trust.
Not only are we experienced in trust sales, but we are familiar with the necessary documentation for these types of transactions. For the creation of a trust to safeguard your real and personal property, we are also able to refer our clients to experienced trust and probate attorneys.

For a consultation regarding real property in a trust, please contact the real estate advisors of National Trust and Probate at 805-750-6577 or 818-606-7515. 

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